Profitable online blackjack card formulas

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Blackjack or Blackjack is an online casino game that is easy to play and wins real money. According to statistics, the chance of losing is very small, about 0.2-0.8% only, but cannot guarantee that How many decks of cards does each online casino have? Which depends on the player to choose how to play and how to play with techniques

  • Study the basic strategy and thoroughly understand the rules, rules, how to play, terminology and payout ratio.
  • Terms about online blackjack card games that you should know: Stand is to stop playing or continue. Hit is to draw a card, Double is to show the player 1 more card and bet 1x more, Split is Split cards when repeating cards and other words that need to be learned.
  • Blackjack card formulas with 3 types of accurate formula tables

Hard Card or Hard Card

Will be used in the event that A is not dealt at all. If the sum of the face cards is 17 or more, choose stand. The total of the face cards is 16 or less, hit to get a higher deal. ler This is especially true if the dealer’s open hand is worth more than the player. If the sum of the points on the face of the card is 11, choose Double. 

Easy or Soft Card

This applies in the event that the player receives an A card and the total of the face value of the card is 17 or more. Stand if the total of the face value is less than 17 and the dealer has a lower card value. Double, where players can choose to hit or stand as appropriate

Pair cards with the same number or Pair Card

Splitting cards increases your chances of winning. This is done only when an AA card is found, the Player’s hand is higher than the dealer’s card, the Player’s pair is less than the dealer’s but the card is not very high. Care must be taken because cards that are equal to 10 should not be split in any case. >>> UFABET