‘Alba’ yells at Barcelona fans all the time

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Barcelona’s veteran defender, Jordi Alba The outcry became a target from fans who often pointed out criticizing him continuously after the team’s poor performance,

“Alien” cut 1-0 at Alaves on Sunday. making it now behind the top four Just one point

, 32-year-old Alba complained of his frequent insults, stating: “I feel like I’ve been targeted for years. This isn’t the first time that’s happened to me.”

“I accept criticism within this menagerie. There are always reviews. I can guess.” Ufabet

“If I play well, they won’t talk about me. If I play bad like the day before They will kill me, I can accept it.

“I don’t care because I have the respect of my team-mates and staff.”

Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba has slammed critics he believes single him out in the “circus” that follows the team.

Alba spoke out after the Blaugrana’s 1-0 win over Alaves on Sunday – a match he fared better in than last week’s 3-2 Copa del Rey defeat to Athletic Club.

While he expressed frustration, the player also insisted he could handle the pressure that comes along with playing at Camp Nou.

“It seems that there is only one senior player in the Barcelona team. There have been talks about senior players for four or five years, and I was 28 at the time, dammit, but I always had to bow down.