Arteta hits back at Conte after being ridiculed

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has responded to an interview with Antonio Conte, who described him as a grouse after last week ‘s Premier League defeat to Tottenham. 

After the game, the Italian manager gave a sarcastic interview that the big guns were always complaining. And recommend that you take the time to do your own work as best as possible.

The Gunners boss’ post-match comments had a similar feel to Jose Mourinho as he revealed: “If I say what I think I’m suspended for six months. the UFABET report

“I am allowed to give my interpretation of what happened. I don’t know how to lie and I don’t like lying so I prefer not to say what I think.”

Pressed further on if he’s unhappy with any of the decisions made by referee Paul Tierney, he responded: “I cannot say what I think. I will be suspended.”

Arteta spoke about the matter during a pre-match press conference against Newcastle, saying: “What I’m trying to do I think in the last three years there have been no complaints.”

“On Thursday I had nothing to complain about and not complain. I’m just saying that I can’t assess clearly what I thought in that game, that’s it. Whatever we do, what we do is try to protect the club in the right way. Just like we’ve always tried to do. That night I tried to do that too.”

“It’s not trying to go against anyone. But I speak clearly and frankly. I think this is my job and my responsibility when speaking on behalf of the club to express our feelings. And if I can’t, I won’t,” Arteta said.