“Benzema” was stolen from the house while on the field to help the King.

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Karim Benzema had an unforgettable weekend. Recently, it was reported that his villa was stolen by thieves while helping the Real team. Madrid face Elche on Sunday, with

Benzema fit returning to the pitch to assist the team in last night’s La Liga game. In the first half he had a chance to score from the penalty spot. but pushed over the beam Before the second half was replaced in the 58th minute due to an injury.

Benzema has previously been a victim of robbery at his home, and again, it happened during a game when the Frenchman was completely unavailable. The first time it happened was in February 2019 when Karim and his team went against Barcelona. At the moment the details of the items taken by the assailants are unknown.

bad weekend His feat was not over when Spanish media outlet 20 minutos reported that the France striker’s residence was raided by thieves while he was on the pitch. Ufabet Report

The 34-year-old forward’s home is located in an upscale neighborhood in San Sebastian de los Reyes,

but reports say that during the invasion there were no people at Benzema’s home. As of now, the stolen items cannot be identified.

This isn’t the first time Benzema has been robbed by thieves at this house. Previously, in 2019, the same incident happened.