Handsome warns ‘Jamie’ not to support the budget of ‘Conte’.

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Celebrity guru Jamie Redknapp admits he’s starting to worry about Italian boss Antonio Conte. Will bid farewell to Tottenham Hotspur if not receiving support from Daniel Levy’s extra budget

since moving to the team in November, Conte has awakened the team’s form of play. Come again, collecting 21 of 30 points in the Premier League.

Such works make “Golden Spikes Chicken” is back with a full top four win. Yet so far they haven’t bought any new players before the January transfer window closes.

After the 2-0 defeat to Chelsea on Sunday, Redknapp revealed: “He needs players. There has to be an agreement between him and Daniel Levy to bring in the players he wants

. There is a huge gap between Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea, the rest you can see.” Ufabet report

“Tottenham is very close to coming into the top four. No manager has ever done this before.”

“But he has to have the support he needs. “

Two, three or four players in the last nine days of the market, Daniel Levy was a difficult manager to deal with.

” Let’s look back at Inter Milan’s history. I think he will leave the club. Because you didn’t keep your promises.”

“Tottenham fans will be disappointed. Because everything is going great, the stadium, the training ground, but the team needs a little bit of help to get him what he needs right now.”