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Belangkai, just hearing the name of many people. I feel unfamiliar with my ears. This game you can only find at the Kingmaker game camp . It is a game that uses dice to play. as well as online dice games and gourds, crabs. Fish It is comparable that. There is a method of playing that is adapted from Both of the above games. In which you have to guess correctly that the result came out. What is on the dice? which can bet in many forms Whether it’s a favorite bet, a toad bet, or a hunchback, 3 numbers, whatever you like 

2.Thai Hi-Lo

Local Thai Hi-Lo game That has a method of playing, not different from a live casino. But has a beautiful design with beautiful graphics. It’s a game with the most cute cartoon characters. And it looks very beautiful and fun to play. Which this online game You have to guess correctly the Sic Bo score. How will it come out? In addition to online betting. Direct points, and can predict high and low results or even odds as well thus increasing the chances of winning bets Give you more than doubled.

3.Dragon Tiger

or known in the game Tiger-Dragon Online which comes in the form of a table game with a very cute and beautiful dealer. The style in the anime comes to deal cards to you without getting bored. In this game you have to bet on who will win. which is not difficult at all. Because there will be only 2 sides to choose from, that is the tiger and the dragon itself. But one more special thing is You can bet on a draw as well. which will give a very high pay rate 1 to 11 equals which is a fun game And it’s very nice to play, not losing a card game like Dragon Tiger, like a live casino .

4.Fish Prawn Crab

Fish Prawn Crab , also known as gourd, crab, fish online game  By this game you will find that on all sides of the dice. There will be a pictogram attached to it. which the dealer will shake and let the gambler try to guess upside down dice what is the picture It is a very exciting and challenging game ever. Because it is difficult to know what shape all 3 dice are, but if you guess correctly, you will definitely receive the most valuable prize money. make this game a favorite of a large number of gamblers ever

5.Fan Tan

Fantan online game Another game that will make you enjoy. Predicting the chance to win many prizes. In this game, you have to guess the number of beans left in the final cup. how many It doesn’t seem difficult, but it’s a game that uses a lot of luck for guessing. Although there are only a few outcomes to predict. but there is only one right However, in addition to challenging Or a single number can be guessed in a 2-digit, 3-digit form as well. make it more likely to win But the prize money is also less

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