Introducing the game of horses, horse racing, Arshavin.

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I guess most gamblers have been to the racecourse? Horse racing is a very fun and exciting sport. Because we cannot predict which horse will perform better today. Although there are statistics of the last race. Sometimes a horse that never stands out can become a horse to watch. And this is where the word “dark horse” comes from and the charm of horse racing itself.

Horse racing is considered popular with Thai people, especially horse racing gamblers. There are very few racecourses in Thailand and the schedule of horse racing is not very prevalent. Causing horse racing bettors to wait a long time to gamble. But with today’s technology, you won’t have to wait any longer. Because now we have a new game of the year 2020, the newest update game called “Archawin horse racing game”

horse racing game

It is an arcade game of the horse-racing online casino game cabinet. which will simulate the format of the competition In each round, 6 horses will participate in the race, with the first 2 horses finishing first within the time limit will be the winners of the race. which will have different payout rates randomly payout rates In addition, each horse has a chance to win a special bonus that is randomly drawn. After knowing the result of winning the race If you bet on the winning horse, then you’ll get double your winnings.

Introducing the game of horses, horse racing, Arshavin.

How to play horse racing game Arshavin

  1. After signing up and making a deposit with an automatic deposit-withdrawal system, within just a few steps, you will receive a username and password to log in to the system. Choose a horse racing game.
  2. Before the start of the race, the system will allow betting on the number of race horses that can be selected for 2 positions.
  3. At the end of the betting time the match will begin.
  4. When the horse runs to the finish line We will know the results of the competition.
  5. Special bonuses will be drawn at random after the outcome of the match has been known. If the player also wins the bet, the reward is doubled.

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