‘Manchester United raises the level of selection of 4 famous coaches

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The ufabet , a trusted British publication. Has spurred reports that Manchester United are set to step up their search for a new manager. With a list of four potential candidates in the summe.

with Ralph Rangnick set to move. Advisor after the end of this season After taking over after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in November,

Reports revealed that now the names of Mauricio Pochettino. Eric ten Hag, Louie Both Enrique and Julen Lopetegui are among the ones. Who will be picked up by the board.

The Red Devils will look at several factors when considering a new coach. but one of them The target manager must have experience in managing a big European team,

with all four of the selections having that experience, with Pochettino working with Paris. Saint-Germain, including used to lead Tottenham Hotspur to the Champions League final

Ten Hag won two league titles and two cups with Ajax Amsterdam, while Nake won the Champions League and La Liga titles while in charge of Barcelona. Before joining the Spanish national team

, Lopetegui had a lot of experience with FC Porto, the Spanish national team, Real Madrid and Sevilla, but out of these four only Pochetti. no who used to work in the Premier League only