Premier League to adjust rules to have 4 people infected with covids

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The Ufabet has revealed that the Premier League is preparing to change the rules for postponement. The requesting club. Must prove that at least four players have been infected with the virus.

The Premier League could face legal action from clubs if they change the rules on Covid cancellations next week, with the season in danger of ending in a quagmire of injunctions and court cases.

Several clubs are furious at the perceived inconsistency in how the 22 postponed games so far. Have been handled. The issue came to a head last weekend after the north London derby. Was called off despite Arsenal having just one confirmed Covid case. Clubs are likely to consider legal action.

Expect to change from the word “There are players ready” to be “players with the virus”, with the league in talks with clubs. And up to 18 votes are supported. And may apply the said rules immediately in the next round.

for the current rules Teams wishing to postpone the game have to show that they have fewer than 13 players available and one goalkeeper with injuries. Traveling to serve the nation is also included in the count.

The rule has resulted in the postponement of up to 22 matches, with controversy now raging on Arsenal’s request to postpone their game against Tottenham despite a player contracting the virus. just one

The number of infected four is expected to be just a preliminary request. For postponement rather than being able to allow. The game to be postponed immediately. because other factors have to be considered as well